Why Do You Need The Paramour Creme Foundation Quad?

Create Your Own Shade

The Paramour Quad is Designed to give you the freedom to Mix the 4 shades to Match your own Natural Complexion.

  • Do you have different skin tones in your face or is your face darker or lighter than the rest of your body?
  • Are you a Makeup Artist? The Quad has 4 shades of Foundation which can cover a wide range of complexions in just one Compact.
  • Are You looking for a Contouring and Highlighting Kit? Utilize the 4 shades of Foundation in the Quad to enhance your face! Create interesting High-Fashion Looks just with one Compact.

Oil-Free Cover All Day

This Oil-Free Creme Foundation instantly dries on your skin right application. It has been tested here in Uganda at the Equator where is hot throughout the year. Over 1,000 customers who use the Foundation have found it completely satisfactory in its ability to withstand the hot African climate.

  • No Caking or Running Makeup
  • Apply once in the day

Instant Dry 

  • Set with Water by wetting a clean foundation application sponge in water and dabbing around the whole face after foundation application.
  • No Smudging! The Foundation Quad gives a very light-weight cover for an effortless look. 

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Daily Beauty Benefits 

Conceal & Cover Blemishes


African skins especially have the stubborn black spots which are really scars from pimples and acne. Effortlessly Conceal Blemishes and under-eye “dark circles” with this Instant-drying Creme Foundation by customizing the 4 shades for a Flawless Look.

 Create Perfect Eyebrows


This oil-free Creme Foundation is multi-functional! Use it to Create Perfect Eyebrows by Highlighting around them. Use any shade of Foundation that is slightly lighter than your natural complexion.

 Eyeshadow & Lip Primer


Dab a thin layer of Foundation on your lips before applying Lipstick! For those with Darker Lips, this keeps the Lipstick shade true to color. For a Bright Lipstick like Pink or Red, apply a Lighter Foundation shade. Use a Darker shade for Dark Lip Colors. Same goes if used as an Eyeshadow Primer.



Come on in and see what we’ve got for you! Our Foundation Quad is Designed to Work for all Shades and all Women of color so there’s something for everyone to appreciate! Conservative or beauty-forward, you will appreciate the Quality, Coverage and Effortlessness of using the Paramour Foundation Quad.

Our customers are very important to us, and we’re deeply committed to making sure you get the Right Makeup Product that works for Beauty! Try the Paramour Quad and see how you will appreciate your beauty in a whole new way!

FREE Shipping Anywhere in the USA!

$4 Shipping to Canada